Home & Personal Care

Water Soluble Colors

FDA Approved Colors

Product NameCI NumberCAS NumberE- NumberFormWater Soluble
FD & C Yellow No. 5CI 191401934-21-0E-102PowderYes
FD & C Yellow No. 6CI 159852783-94-0E-110PowderYes
FD & C Blue No. 1CI 420903844-45-9E-133PowderYes
FD & C Blue No. 2CI 73015860-22-0PowderYes
FD & C Red No. 3CI 4543016423-68-0E-127PowderYes
FD & C Red No. 40CI 1603525956-17-6E-129PowderYes
FD & C Green No. 3CI 420532353-45-9E-143PowderYes
D&C Green 8CI 590406358-69-6PowderYes
D&C Yellow 10CI 470058004-92-0PowderYes
D&C Yellow 8CI 45350518-47-8PowderYes
D&C Orange 4CI 15510633-96-5PowderYes
FD&C Red 4CI 147004548-53-2PowderYes
D&C Red 22CI 45380548-26-5PowderYes
D&C Red 28CI 4541018472-87-2PowderYes
D&C Red 33CI 172003567-66-6PowderYes
D&C Green 5CI 615704403-90-1PowderYes
Ext. D&C Violet 2CI 607304430-18-6PowderYes
FD&C Blue 2CI 73015860-22-0PowderYes

Non-FDA Colors

Product NameCI NumberCAS NumberE- NumberFormWater Soluble
Quinoline Yellow WSCI 470058004-92-0E-104PowderYes
Ponceau 4RCI 162552611-82-7 E-124PowderYes
CarmoisineCI 147203567-69-9 E-122PowderYes
AmaranthCI 16185915-67-3E-123PowderYes
Patent Blue VCI 420513536-49-0E-131PowderYes
Green SCI 440903087-16-9E-142PowderYes
Black PNCI 284402519-30-4E-151PowderNo
Acid Red 52CI 451003520-42-1PowderYes

Oil Soluble Dyes

Product NameCI NumberCAS NumberE- NumberFormOil Soluble
D&C Red 17CI 2610085-86-9PowderYes
D&C Red 21CI 45380:215086-94-9PowderYes
D&C Red 27CI 45410:113473-26-2PowderYes
D&C Green 6CI 61565128-80-3PowderYes
D&C Violet 2CI 6072581-48-1PowderYes

Organic Pigments

Product NameCI NumberCAS NumberE- NumberFormWater Soluble
D & C Red 6CI 158505858-81-1Powder
D & C Red 7CI 158504/9/5281Powder

Home Care Applications:

  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Dish Wash Liquid
  • Detergents
  • Floor Cleaner

Personal Care Applications:

  • Shampoos/Conditioners
  • Bath Soap
  • Hair Gel
  • Toothpaste
  • Lotions
  • Deodorants
  • Liquid Soap
  • Hair Oil
  • After Shave
  • Skin Creams
  • Body Scrub
  • Shower Gel
  • Face Wash
  • Sanitizer

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