IFT FIRST: Celebrating the Science of Food and Honoring Industry Leaders

Day 1: The IFT FIRST event

The IFT FIRST event commenced with an inauguration led by Chris Downs, the President of IFT, who celebrated the discoveries and contributions of the science of food community. Downs acknowledged the attendees as the driving force behind “future-proofing” the food system, stating that they consistently employ science, innovation, and an unwavering spirit to ensure worldwide access to safe, nutritious, and sustainable food.

The ceremony, held last night, not only honored the 13 recipients of the 2023 IFT Achievement Awards but also celebrated the appointment of 10 new IFT Fellows. Vickie Kloeris, the Immediate Past President of IFT, commended the Fellows for their exceptional contributions to the profession, emphasizing their dedication to ensuring a safe, nutritious, accessible, and sustainable global food supply. Kloeris invited the Fellows present to join her on stage for a moment of recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.

Among this year’s distinguished honorees, the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award in Honor of Nicolas Appert was bestowed upon Fereidoon Shahidi, PhD. Shahidi, a university research professor and distinguished scholar in the Department of Biochemistry at Memorial University of Newfoundland, received this prestigious award for his remarkable contributions.

Concluding the awards ceremony, Downs expressed gratitude to the attendees and awardees for their efforts in advancing the science of food profession. He highlighted the collective endeavor to connect science and innovation, emphasizing their universal acceptance as essential components for enhancing food quality and accessibility for all.

Today, IFT FIRST is in full swing, and we invite you to join us for the Expo’s opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the South Hall of McCormick Place at 9:45 a.m.

Over the next three days, the editors of Food Technology magazine will provide live coverage of thought-provoking sessions, expo highlights, featured speakers, and more.

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